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In the event that there are 2 or more contestants in a Miss, Mrs. or Ms. category but no contestants in the others, we issue titles based upon age and/or marital status. If one or more of those titles is unacceptable to you, please indicate below.

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*Any type of photo(s) may be submitted. Photo(s) do not need to be professional, but they should be clear and in a high enough resolution to allow the judges to score facial beauty, presence, and expression.

Entry Packages
Basic Model Package Fee: $10
Top Model Package Fee: $35
Mega Model Package Fee: $75

Super Model Package Fee: $125

Beauty Awards

Local Pageant "Prettiest Smile" $2

State Pageant "Prettiest Smile" $2

National Pageant "Prettiest Smile" $2

Local Pageant "Most Beautiful Eyes" $2

State Pageant "Most Beautiful Eyes" $2

National Pageant "Most Beautiful Eyes" $2

Local Pageant "Natural Beauty" $2

State Pageant "Natural Beauty" $2

National Pageant "Natural Beauty" $2

Optional Awards

The Talent category is based on ability, presentation, appeal and overall impression. A video clip is required to enter this category.

Local Pageant Talent Entry $5

State Pageant Talent Entry $5

National Pageant Talent Entry $5

Alternative Option: Link to YouTube Clip:

The Volunteer Service Award is based on the number of hours logged in service and community involvment.

Local Pageant Volunteer Service Award Entry $5

State Pageant Volunteer Service Award Entry $5

National Pageant Volunteer Service Award Entry $5

Volunteer Service Record:

Total Amount Due:

If you won a free or discounted entry, please include details below and/or Promo Code below.

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Paypal Address: **Regarding Sponsored Prizes: Prizes must be claimed from the sponsors within 2 weeks of the announcement of winners or will be subject to forfeiture. (Sponsors are responsible for their donations.) *Judges' decisions are final. Scoring: 10-50 Points Facial Beauty + Points Earned for Pageant Titles (According to posted point scale). *Beauty scores and the identity of the judges WILL NOT be revealed. *All fees submitted are non-refundable. *Winners grant the Model Beauty the right to use their image for promotional purposes. *National Winners may enter the following season's contest. We WILL NOT COMBINE DIVISIONS! *We cannot be responsible for damage to prizes due to mishandled mail. Prizes are sent according to the prize schedule unless otherwise posted.


-International titleholders must agree to pay international S&H fees.

If a more than one contestant maxes out in points in the national competition, more than 1 national title may be awarded. Ties WILL NOT be broken.

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